Fall Fiesta 2008

We had the perfect day both in weather and activities.  We did something totally new this year with our all breed demo's!  What a fun learning experience.  We also asked everyone who attended to bring canned food goods for the Farmington Food Panty.  What a great success that was.  It filled the truck bed!  Thank you!  I would also like to thank all the People that came out and did the demos for us.  MLS Equestrians with their Tennessee Walking Horses, The Bonne Terre K-9 Police Department, Harmony Equestrian Center and their Iberian and Dutch Warms Bloods, The Cowboy Mounted Shooting Club, Herbst Farms with their Arabian, Ramsey Training Stable with the Quarter Horses and Saddle Breeds, The 4-H Drill team. All of you folks where great.  I enjoyed learning about your breed and getting to know you a little better. I need to thank my own Team for putting on the Paso Fino's and the Miniature Horses Demos.  For all the work you all did in getting the farm ready for the big event.  You all are the best!  Thank You Francisco, Christian, Nelson, Michelle and Krystal!  I would also like to thank all our vendors and all the people that helped during our event.  It would not have run so smoothly with out you all helping!