Photo's by Krystal

Wanting to have to Some Pictures of you and your Horse to take home with you after the show?  Looking for a those one of a kind shots?  Look no further, Krystal has a unique way to looking at You and your Horse.  Or are you looking for that glamour shot.  Krystal can do it all, Hair, make-up and photos.  For $30.00 & up (depending on if you have hair and makeup) you can have a Photo CD of no less then 20 pictures to take home with you.  If any special effects or retouching is wanted, then Photo CD will be mailed to you.  Additional cost will depend on effects or retouch required.  Below are some Examples of Photo's Krystal.

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Photo's, Hair and Make-Up all by Krystal
Capture a Moment in Time or a Memory for You and Your Loved Ones

Just a Few Samples of Special Effects Available
For those one of a kind photos of you, your family or pets.
Sample Pose Effects 1
Sample Pose Effect 2
Sample Pose Effect 3

Sample Pose Effect 4

Let Krystal Capture the Beauty and Spirit of You and Your Horse