We have always done our very best in whatever we have set out to do; this holds true when we decided to start our Paso Fino horse farm. We are a family owned and operated business.  This is why we have surrounded ourselves with people we trust.   They uphold the high moral values we have set before them.  We along with all our employees will always do our very best to for you and your horse.  We desire to promote the breed and to educate those interested in these "Out of the Ordinary Horses".  We pride ourselves in being a Christian family and farm.  We will always be honest and forthcoming with all who know us and do business with us.  This is our commitment to you and to your horse.


 Dr. Kenneth & Roxanne Miller
 along with Molinero family

Office Manager / Owner
Roxanne Miller

 Farm Help:
Michael Martin

Trainer, Lesson Instructor:     


Farm Help: