Molinero Circus Freak Show
Costume Party
Cutest Couple Award
Krystal & Josh
Ken with Mom Cami.  Our Hippie's
Charles-failed lion tamer!
This couple is not as odd as you might first think.  She is a cat and he tries to be a quiet as one!
Bryan and Megan
She has the attitude of the
Alexi and Alexandra, Having a great time!
Our little Minnie Mouse (Jadin)  looks like she has control of this crew. Puppy (Tommy) and Mad Hatter (Heather)
Josh (Ash) and Krystal (Pikachu)
Home Town Vampire (Jamie)
Here is our famous Circus Family with Snake Charmer (Angie), Lady Bug (Riley) and Screamer (Haydin)
Michelle, only four months married and already trying to take Christine Out!
Now that's those are faces you would not want to wake up to every morning!  Grimm Reaper ( Jamie)
 Witch Doctor (Elaine)
Alexi swears he was really smiling!
Our Fortune Teller, Madam Christina had everyone wanting to see what there fish would do!
Cat Girl, Megan lost her Potato Battle, but looked adorable doing it!
Charles, Krystal, Josh & Cale, some of our costume winners!
Zombie-Brandon can't keep his Potato in check!
Cold Night with Good Friends
Megan, Bryan, Ethan and Charles
Best Themed Costume
Looks like our Green Lantern, Emily lost her Hula Hoop Fight!
Our not so talented Juggling contestants
Charles winner, showing off in our Juggling Contest! (not even close)
Candy Feeding Frenzy!
Can you say CUTE!
World's Freakiest Family
Jamie, Elaine, Zac, Brandon & Cale
Roxanne and Ken,  The Bearded Lady and the Hippie!
Did not know the Molinero Pirates were such a handsome couple!  Newly weds, Christian and Michelle
Yes, she is just that CUTE!  Thank Goodness she looks like MOMMY!
Not sure if Charles still has a job with the circus after seeing how he looks after training his lion!
Gabriel, is our valiant Knight.  Protecting the farm from unwanted Dragons!
I guess the Green Lantern (Emily) was not so happy to have Castiel (Olivia) (Supernatural) crashing her Party!    
Two crazy and wild girls!  Friends till the end.  Heather (mad hatter) and Jamie (ring mistress)
The Trophy Table
Elijah! Not sure if words can do this justice!  
One of my trainers and a off day!  You can guess which one.
Chris (Jedi Hunter)  
Sword vs Teeth.  You decide.
Alexi showing off why he won the Hula Hoop Contest!
Who wouldn't want this handsome Spartan (Nelson) to fight for them?
What happened to that Puerto Rican Rhythm Christian?
Best Boys Costume under 12
Even Pink Power Ranger, Sevanah has to eat!  Also winner of our ticket count! Winning a Free Riding Lesson.
Flower Child, Nevaeh and her first costume Party!
Our Spartan, Nelson showing off his Swivel!!
Best All Around Costume
Witch Doctor, Elaine.  Who wouldn't want a mom like that?!
Most Unique Costume
Best Girl Costume under 12

Just want to thank everyone who helped decorate, setup and help with our event.

Jamie & Christina
Elaine & Cale
Bryan & Megan
Krystal & Josh
Joel, Christian & Charles

You all made it a success for everyone to enjoy!