We Offer Boarding for All Horse Breeds

The traits that we have all come to love in a horse can be found in the elegant Paso Fino.  These traits have been apart of these horses for over 500 years.  From the time of the conquistadors to the present.  We have been searching for the perfect horse.  A horse that can do it all.  Hacienda de Molinero is devoted to just such a horse.  We have surrounded ourselves with the finest horses and the finest trainer.  Let us help you make the right choice for you and your future.  Explore the pages of our site to find out why people have come to trust and rely on us for all their training, boarding and breeding needs.

Our Farm
Hacienda de Molinero Equestrian Center is
located in southeast Missouri,  just an hour
south of Saint Louis.  We have 90+ acres of lush, rolling green fields; they surround two  ponds,  which are home to catfish, bass, and bluegill.  
Upon arriving to our farm, you will drive down our tree-lined lane; you will see, off to your left,
a small pasture used to house our
  yearling stud colts or mares with foals.    
Driving further down our lane, you will see our paddock barn to the right and the main barn
on the  left.  Our main barn  has two apartments on the second level.   Just hidden slightly behind the main  barn is our round pen barn, complete with an outdoor BBQ Kitchen & eating area.  To the right, we have  three additional larger
 pastures that are in direct view of both our personal home. We have found that this environment is a relaxing place to train  and enjoy the horses for both client and trainer.   We also offer other  amenities  to help you relax and enjoy your time with us like trail riding, fishing,  picnicking by the pond, having a BBQ in our outdoor kitchen, or playing yard games while visiting with friends, just to mention a few.  All of us, including our  trainer & stable hand, live on the farm; we are away's available to answer your questions and concerns regarding your horse's training and boarding needs.  All are welcomed to drop by during regular business hours or call for an appointment for after business hours.
If I had a horse, I'd ride off in the sunset,
where dreams, and shadows lie.
To a life, where pain and sorrow don't
exsit, and to where hopes, and dreams
become reality.
                                    - unknown-
Pasture Land
We have two large pastures and three smaller pastures.  We are working on building another large pasture.  These pastures have auto waters and shelters.  These pastures are maintained on a monthly basis or as needed. Horse safe fencing surrounds all pastures housing horses.
It is our desire that no matter where you decide to board your horse that both you and your horse will find a stress free and safe environment to enjoy your day. Nothing is more relaxing then sitting back under a big old shade tree and watching your horses enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
Main Barn

Our main barn is the center of all that happens
here at the farm.  This structure is 120 x 86.  and
has two levels.  Inside you will find our barn office,
4 tacking areas,50 x 100 rubber crumb riding
arena, bathroom, two separate apartments, hay storage, 1 inside heated wash bay, 4 outside washbays and 1 monitored birthing stall 14 x 16, 3 stallion stalls 12 x 14, 7 regular stalls 12 x 12 and 1 oversized mare & foal stall 12 x 24.  All stalls have
Stable Comfort flooring. This barn is well ventilated with large doors, and industrial fans &  overhead you will find 15 large lights that give more then ample light to the area.  Also to keep things comfortable inside we have a wood burning outdoor furnace.  Just right for those cold wet winters.
Even though the main barn is our head quarters for long hours and hard work; it also has seen many smiles pass through it's doors.  Come see if we can do the same for you!
Paddock Barn

When you first enter our lane your will come up first on our barn.  We call this barn the paddock barn.  The paddock barn sits on the site of the original barn from the late 1800's.  We were proud that the local high school reused the wood to help the sports teams build a club house.  Now in its place now sits our new barn with 12 x 12 stalls with an attached  12 x 36 foot run.  We also have two 12 x 12 stalls with double sized runs. This well ventilated barn is used mainly to house horses that are not in full training or that need a little more room.  
Our Paddock Barn also has ample room for  hay and grain storage as well as some equipment storage.
Round Pen Barn
Our round pen barn is unique.  It was designed by our second daughter Michelle. It is made up of 4 sections which look like a cross from the air.  The top sections is for hay storage and farm equipment.  The next section is the stalls, tack room and tacking area.  The third section houses our sunken 60' round pen.  Which has observation walkways on both sides of the pen.  Last but not least is the BBQ Kitchen, which faces out to the pond. This is a 25 x 40 area.  It is equipped with a built in BBQ, sink, bar and tables,
with ample floor space for those weekend
dance parties   we all love!  
14 Stalls
60' Sunken round pen
Outdoor Riding Areas
Outdoor Riding Arena
80 X 160 Riding Arena with sounding board
Enough room for multiple riders (lights for night riding)
Outdoor  Round Pen & Exercise Walker
40' round panel round pen
Walks up to 6 Horses,  three speeds and goes in both directions.
Acres for Riding
Acres of open safe fields to enjoy

For those Lazy Spring Riding Days
Enjoy Our Farm Amenities
Outdoor BBQ Kitchen attached to the round pen
 (All the tile & wood work in BBQ has been done by Francisco Palafox)

Lots of space for family and clients!

Aerial View of our 93 acre Farm