2018 Boarding Rates and Training Rates   |   2018 Boarding Contract   |   Riding Lessons  
*A $25.00 Late Fee will be charged for all Payments received after the 10th of each month.
* All horses requiring special care, extra shavings, extra servings of feed, you will be charged an extra $50.00 per month Board
*All horses and owners Board, Train, Ride, Show, Travel,  Breed or Foal at your own Risk.
*All horses in training or showing, Horse owner must provide Equine Insurance
*All horses in  training must be stall boarded
*All Boarding is subject to availability

2018 monthly Boarding Rates
     Padded Stalls Barn Boarding                $350.00
    Paddock Stalls w/turnouts                   $300.00
    Summer pasture boarding (Apr.-Sept.)       $140.00
    Winter Pasture Boarding (Oct. - Mar.)           $200.00

* Barn Boarding includes; Stalls Cleaned 2x daily, 4 slivers of hay per day, 2 scoops of grain per day
Winter pasture horses have round bales at all times
anything extra wanted will be charged per item
2018 Monthly Training Rates
ask for
Christian F. Rodriguez @ 573-366-6485
*Clients are responsible for damage to our facility and property by your horse.
*Missouri Law states that owners of the horse,  board, ride and train their horses at their own risk.
*All precautions will be taken to ensure horse is safe.  Hacienda de Molinero and all employees will be held harmless incase of injury, accident, illness or death of all horses.
*Pasture Boarded horse receive no additional care (grooming, bathing etc...) unless agreed in boarding contract
*Rates will change if Grain/Hay/Shavings cost go up.