Hacienda de Molinero, Inc.
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 Boarding Contract 2018
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Horse Owner's Agreement
Hacienda de Molinero, Inc. and all employees & owners are to beheld harmless on all accounts for injury, sickness or death of horses while being boarded, bred, foaling, trained, shown, transported, exercised or ridden.  

  Hacienda de Molinero reserves the right to call a veterinarian when horses health is in question.  ( Owners will be notified
 as soon as possible.)  Owners of horses will be responsible for all additional costs in caring for horses.
 Ferrier, Veterinarian service, transporting, damage, supplements or special diet feed, all medications,
 soaks and raps as  well as miscellaneous costs not expressed.
Hacienda de Molinero also has the right to ask to have horse removed for any reason within 48 hours.  If owners of horse is removed without two weeks notice, Hacienda de Molinero reserves the right not to refund boarding costs.  Hacienda also holds the right to move client horses to a new stall if they feel it would benefit the horse or stables. Hacienda also hold owners responsible for all expenses related to attending a horse show with  their horse.  This includes their portion of the Molinero Team's lodging, food, fuel and misc. expenses that may accrue.   If bills are unpaid in full for six months, ownership of horses will go to Hacienda de Molinero and horses sold to pay for unpaid balances or a lien will be placed upon the horse(s) until payment in full is received.  Hacienda de Molinero, Inc. also reminds owners that all Equine activities, Boarding ( both stall and pasture), Training, Riding, Breeding etc... for both you and your horse is at your own risk. As always, we will do our best to keep all concerned healthly and happy!

Boarding  & Training Options
All Boarding and Training Fees must be pre-paid by the 1st of each month.  A late fee of $25.00 will be applied if received after the 10th.  If your horse is being trained for show or pleasure, we require that you provide proof of Equine Insurance for each of your horses.  Choose which options apply.  Horses with special care will be charged $35.00 extra each month needed.

_____  $350.00  monthly       Padded Barn Boarding
_____  $300.00 monthly        Padlock Barn Boarding w/ turnout runs
_____  $______ monthly       *Special Care Boarding
_____  $140.00  monthly      Summer Pasture Boarding (April - Sept.)
_____  $200.00  monthly       Winter Pasture  Boarding (Oct. - March)
_____ $    5.50 per bucket  Extra  Shavings
_____ $     1.00 per scoop  Extra Grain (2.0 lbs.)
_____ $       .80 per sliver    Extra Hay
_____ $  300.00 monthly    Full Time Training Fee
_____ $  25.00 base fee    Transportation base on mileage
*  Winter & Summer Pasture Boarding charges will be dictated by weather.  Above months are subject to change as weather and conditions allow.

*  Example of Special Care:  For horses not in full time training:  Lame or Medicated horses, Mare and Foal, Turn-outs, Exercised, Groomed, Bathed, etc...

*  All Training fees and arrangements will be between you and your trainer.

All Boarding and Training are Subject to Availability

I accept all these terms and conditions set forth by Hacienda de Molinero, Inc. and Hacienda de Molinero employees & owners
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