Pictures from the National Show




This Nationals was bitter sweet.  Great Horses!  Great Clients!  Great Family!  Great Trainers!  Ribbons for everyone!  A few bumps and bruises with mean and vindictive people, but we over came and became a more united farm family.  Funny how things either brake you or make you stronger!  I guess we must be doing something right, some people are out to hurt us either through our horses or on a personal level.  Watch out next year, if they were worried about us this year with only a few weeks of getting ready, they wont know what hit them next year!  To all of you who kept us in your prayers and had our backs, we thank you!  Joel and Alexandra, we want to thank you for all your sacrifice and and faith in our little farm.  To Christian, thanks for showing us that our faith in you was well placed!  To our clients, you all were the dream clients.  I am sure everyone wishes they had people like you all on their team.  To our girls, we could not be more proud of you.  You both are beatuiful on the inside and outside and not to mention one heck of a good rider(s).  And to our son, thank you for showing us that you will always protect the ones around you.  

From not going to the 2012 Nationals to taking three horses (all which placed in the top 4) to going with our new trainer Joel!  Well words fail me.  Joel worked so hard to get the horses in shape in just 30 days.  We could not be more pleased!  Our year started with tears of sadness, but is ending with tears of Happiness!  Thanks Joel and Family for turning our year around!

Nelson, Experimento & Ken
Krystal on Encantadora CC National Champion A/O Performance Mare
Krystal and Paparazzi
Krystal and Paparazzi de Molinero Grand National Champion Fino Youth
Nelson, Krystal and Paparazzi
Nelson  & Gladiador Grand National Pleasure Stallion
Carolyn & Esmerala Reserve National Champion Pleasure
4 yr. Filly
Carolyn & Profesia 6th National Champion Fino A/O Mares

The pictures say it all.  We had a amazing Nationals.  So much so that it feels like a dream.  The highlight of the show was when Nelson received the "Trainer of the Year"  It was such a great honor.  We are very proud of each of the horses that competed this year.  Each one was ready and gave it their all, just as their trainers did.  Again, a very special thank you goes out to Nelson, Jr. ,Christian and Pedro.  They worked together like magic to make this a very successful Nationals.  
Ken on Experimento Grand Champion A/O Fino Stallions
Nelson L. Del Valle- 2011 Trainer of the Year
Christian, Encantadora, Krystal, Nelson and Jr.
Bianka and Profesia National Champion Lead Line
Krystal & Paparazzi de Molinero Reserve National Champion
Nelson J.  & Valeroso 6th National Champion;  
Nelson L.  & Gladiador National Champion Pleasure Stallion
Nelson & Diva Reserve Grand National Performance 4yr Filly
Nelson & Esmerala Reserve National Champion
4 yr. Filly
Nelson & Gladiador National Champion Pleasure Stallion
Gildardo & Azulejo 4th National Pleasure 4yr Gelding
Krystal and Encantadora CC Reserve Grand Performance A/O Mare
Nelson and Gladiador 3rd National Champion Pleasure Stallions
Ross and Atomico 4th National Champion A/O Fino Stallions.  Ken & Experimento 1st National Champion A/O Fino Stallions
Carlos and Encantadora Reserve National Champion Sub-Junior Performance
Ross and Atomico 4th Grand National Champion A/O Fino Stallions
Ken and Experimento National Champion Fino
 A/O Stallions
Ken and Experimento Reserve Grand National Champion Fino  A/O Stallions
Sissy and Gladiador 3rd National Champion Pleasure A/O Stallions
Morgan and Mando Reserve National Champion Performance
Bianka and Profesia 1st National Champion
Lead Line
Every year I think it can't get any better!  You would think I would learn that is not true.  This year was a special year for our farm.  Ken showed for the first time at a National level and took 1st in Fino A/O Stallions.  Also it was the first time for Carlos at Nationals and he place 2nd.  Bianka also showed for the first time and placed 1st in her lead line class.  All of our friends and family did their best ever this year.  This is all due to the work of Nelson, Christian, Jerry and Pedro.  Thanks to these four men, our show lives are full of fun and ribbons!  Who could ask for anything more.
Nelson Del Valle- 2009 5th Performance Mares with Encantadora CC
Krystal Miller - 3rd Grand A/O Performance Mares with Encantadora CC
Despite a rough start at Nationals with the placements, we ended with a BANG!  Ross Beckman brought home the 3rd Grand National Ribbon with his Fino Stallion, Atomico.  Krystal  Miller brought home the 3rd Grand National Ribbon with her Performance Mare, Encantadora and finally, but not least, our own, Nelson L. Del Valle brought home the roses with our Performance Mare Encantadora CC.  We have had the best year to date with our crew.  Nelson, Christian and Ivan have made this year better then ever with their hard work, sense of humor and ethics.  Our business is busting at the seams with horses and pride.  We would also like to thank all our clients for their trust in us to do the best job possible.  The one thing we have learned is that no matter what happens at a show, we are a family and will always support, encourage and protect those around us.
Krystal Miller - 4th A/O Champion & 3rd Grand A/O Performance Mares with Encantadora CC
Nelson Del Valle- Grand National Champion Performance Mare of 2009

Encantadora CC
Nelson Del Valle riding Sho-Me Profesia 3rd Fino yr. Fillies
owners Sissy & Ed Steinback
Krystal Miller riding Encantadora CC 5th Grand A/O Performance Mares.  Owners Ken & Roxanne Miller
Nelson Del Valle riding Encantadora CC 3rd Performance Mares
Owners Ken & Roxanne Miller
Nelson Del Valle riding Encantadora CC 4th Grand Performance Mares.  Owners Ken & Roxanne Miller
Krystal Miller riding Encantadora CC 3rd A/O Performance Mares
Owners Ken & Roxanne Miller
Ross Beckman riding Atomico Reserve A/O Fino Stallions and 4th Grand Fino Stallions.  Owners Fran & Ross Beckman
What a year we have had.  A perfect year!  We now have the best trainer around.  Nelson worked harder than anyone can imagine to get our horses in shape and in good attitude for a the show year.  As I am sure you all know we had an almost unstoppable blue ribbon streak throughout the whole year.  The amount of smiles, laughter, hugs and good spirit where better than any ribbons we have gotten this year.  We have made so many friends and discovered who were our true friends.  As you can see in our photos, we are the happiest that we have ever been and can not wait till next show years starts!  Nelson, Christian and Pancho you guys are the best!  You have helped us reach a level that we never thought possible!  Thanks guys we all love you.


Krystal &Encantadora
WOW, how do I begin.  The beginning
 of this show year began with firing one
of our trainers and leaving us with one.  We barely  made it through.  We are thankful that our girls are accomplished riders and where able to handle things with little difficulty.  We are so proud of our girls,  Michelle and Krystal.  You girls have made everything worth it.  

Krystal & Encantadora
Michelle & Toby 6th Pleasure Youth
Michelle & Toby 3rd Pleasure A/O  4yr.Colts
 Encantadora CC 5th Performance Mares
Michelle & Toby
Again thanks to our family, friends and clients for helping us with your prayers, hugs, laughter and tears.  You will never know how much you all mean to us.  We
are looking forward to next year with
Nelson Del Valle joining our team.  We
know that with Nelson training, things
will get a lot better around here.  Both
in training quality, honesty, work ethic
 and in attitude!  Can't wait for 2008!


Brittany Priest & her horse, Cuatro Rios VL Persephone
National Champion Walk/Corto Leadline
***Congratulations on your graduation into Sub-Junior Youth, Britt!!!***
 San Cristobal de Tomaria
5th National Champion Pleasure Schooling 3 yr. Old Colt

Krystal Miller & Electra de Molinero
3rd National Champion Pleasure Sub-Junior Youth

San Cristobal de Tomaria
5th National Champion Performance Schooling 3 year old Colts
 Encantadora CC
National Champion Performance Schooling 4 year old Filly
This was our first official year as a Paso Fino Farm.  We would like to thank our trainers and Pancho for all the hard work they do.  God has blessed our farm with loving and caring clients and friends and for that  we are truly grateful.  We also would like to thank our family and friends for understanding all the time away and for having faith in us and for the being there when we win and when we lose.  You all are the best.  Winning Nationals has no words that can express how we feel, I guess that's why will you always hear us cheer and clap and yes, scream! (just a little).

Michelle Miller & Azucena del Juncal
 6th Pleasure Jr. Youth

Nationals this year was a real roller coaster ride.  With all three of our daughters involved.   Again we would like to thank Beth Uelsmann for all she does for us.  Nelson Del Valle, you work so hard for us and always have a smile on your face.  Thank you for being such a great role model for our girls.  Gail Ingham, Rachel would not still be smiling if it weren't for you.  Thank you so much for allowing us to use Oropel.  We will always be grateful to all of you for all you do for us.
Krystal Miller & Metralleta del Eden
 High Point  Open Youth Equitation

Rachel Miller & Oropel de Los Arroyuelos
3rd Performance Youth
Krystal Miller & Colorina de Conde  
4th Horsemanship sub-Jr. level 1
Michelle & Azucena del Juncal
Pleasure Sub-Junior
 Krystal Miller on Colorina de Conde  
Pleasure Sub-Jr. Youth

This was our first Grand Nationals.  We would like to thank all our trainers who worked so hard for us.  Beth Uelsmann, without you we would never know this feeling.   We would also like to thank all those who worked behind the scenes to get the horse ready.  We appreciate all you do for us.   You guys are the very best.  These pictures will always remind us of all you do for us.  Thank you so much.